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The Tanzer 26 - sail plan & interior (line drawing).     

The Tanzer 26 Dimensions:
L.O.A.:    26'4" (8.03 m)
L.W.L.:    22'6" (6.86 m)
Beam:    8'8" (2.64 m)
Draft:    3'10" (1.17 m)
Vertical clearance:    33' (10.06 m)
Headroom:    5'11" (1.80 m)
Displacement:  4,350 lbs. (1975 kg.)
Ballast:    1,950 lbs. (885 kg.)

Designer & Date: Johann Tanzer, 1974
Sail Areas:
Main:    143 sq. ft. (13.28 sq. m.)
Working Jib:    117 sq. ft. (10.87 sq. m.)
Self-tacking jib:    127 sq. ft. (11.89 sq. m.)
No 1 Genoa (165%): 265 sq. ft. (24.62 sq. m.)
No 2 Genoa (125%): 195 sq. ft. (18.12 sq. m.)
Storm Jib:    70 sq. ft. (6.50 sq. m.)
Spinnaker:    500 sq. ft. (46.45 sq. m.)

I = 30.15 ft. (9.19 m)     P = 25.25 ft. (7.7 m)
J = 10.58 ft. (3.22 m)    E = 10.25 ft. (3.12 m)

T26 Main sail From an old sales brochure
for the Tanzer 26:

 ``       This boat offers qualities that will appeal to the cruising family as well as the
racing skipper. She provides both speed and responsiveness that is quite unusual for a production boat. But she is not just a fast sailboat that wins races. Her expansive and comfortable interior as well as forgiving nature make her a safe and easily handled cruising boat for the family. Quite rugged too; Tanzer 26 no. 226 sailed the North Atlantic from New York to Lorient France in 29 days.     ''

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2010 Tanzer 26 Atlantic Canadian Championships

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  Information about Tanzers and the T26:

building/restoration projects

Upgrading your Tanzer 26

  Tanzer Documents and Downloads:
  • T26 Fin Logo
    Good quality version of the T26 logo for use in your log books or sailing gear.

  • Rudder Plan Page 1
    Make sure you download page 2, which is below

  • Rudder Plan Page 2
    Second page of the newer rudder design

  • Tanzer 26 Brochure
    Download the Tanzer 26 Brochure

  • Tanzer 22 Manual
    While this is the T22 owner and operators manual, most of this is perfectly usable when it comes to the T26. Be sure to download this!

  • Maintenance Log
    PDF of a generic ship's maintenance log. Keep track of when and what you fix on your boat. Comes in handy when it's time to sell the boat, or when you last fixed or changed an item. Used for regular updating and ship mantenance.

  • Engine Maintenance Log
    Keep track of when you change your oil, etc, with this PDF file.

  • Guest Log
    Download this PDF file and print off a Guest Log.

  • Cruise Plan Deck Log
    This is another log for creating cruise plans. Downloadable PDF

  • USCG Float Plan
    This is a United States Coast Guard float plan. Downloadable PDF

  • Generic Ships Log
    This is a word document (.doc file), that you can download, edit to suit your needs, and print off to keep on your ship.

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