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  John Morrison's 'Maray'.
John Morrison's 'Maray' on her way to Pedder Bay. Thre is a nice large image you can download here if you wish to use this for a desktop image.
"Puissance" Adam Howie's T26 sailing on Grand Lake, Fredricton, New Brunswick. Photo by Jamie Howie
"Lendab"  John Lindsay's T26 shown in Pirita Harbour, Tallinn, Estonia
"The Red Gypsy" Tanzer 26 #176 race night in Newcastle Ontario with brand new sails.  Photo by Pauline Hammerstrom
"Q" T26 #810 Photo taken from Hawksbury bridge, and alonside La Pinta and Drifter, Lac St. Louis. Photos by Leif Quraeshi
"Connemara", Valerie Hathaway and her father Colin's new T26 at anchor on Lake Simcoe, Ontario
"First Night On the Tanzer". Mike Beavers "new" T26 #88 "Zhen Zhen" in Corpus Christi Texas. Photo by Mike
T26 #28 "Atuagnik 5" docked at the Marina Les Alizés de Lacolle at the beginning of the 2006 season, and sailing on the Lake Champlain in July 2006. A nice looking and a great sailing sailboat after all those years! Photos by proud owner, Jean-Pierre Houle
The "Molly B" T26 #726 secure at a buoy in the small coastal community of Petit De Grat on Cape Breton Island.  From there owners Mike and Geri sailed on their maiden voyage to Halifax, NS, where she now resides at the Shearwater Yacht Club.
"Tango.Waltzer" Steve Coleman's T26 #132 at her berth in Ladner, BC
Jim and Anna McLuachlan's Tanzer 26 (1975), #52, "Buttercup", sailing in Haro Strait near Victoria BC, Feb 2006. Notice the view of Mount Baker Washington in the background!
Photo by Andrew Madding
"Carefree Lee" was a victim of Hurricane Juan in Halifax and ended up on shore in a jumble of other boats when the marina at the yacht club broke free. The damage is quite extensive including the mast, boom, spreaders, shrouds, rudder, rails, stanchions...the list goes on. Photo by Clarence Verstege

Jean Gauvin's Tanzer 26 1984, # 815 ( "Mariflo II" ), on beautifull Moosehead Lake in northern Maine. Photo by Duke Reed

Robert Renaud’s 1983 Tanzer 26 # 801 taken at the east end of the old Canal Soulanges in Pointe des Cascades, Qc.
© Robert Renaud 2003

Wayne Hatfield's "Kanasta Eden", T26 #225 and "About Time" a C&C 25 on the last leg of a club race at Rothesay Yacht Club. Picture by Rod Crowther. Summer 2002 © Rod Crowther 2002

Tameria II resting at Loon Harbour, Lake Superior 2002
Photo by Dave Lake.
© Dave Lake, 2002


Eddy Blouin's T26 1981 # 679 "Vent D`espoir" during a race on Lake Memphremagog  in Magog, Quebec in July 2002! Photos Robert Cleary.© Robert Cleary, 2002

Jim Chinneck's T 26 # 309, "Pytheas" at home in Brentwood Bay, B.C. (near Victoria) © Jim Chinneck, 2002

Michel Poirier's Tanzer 26 ("Pourquoi Pas",#549) in Lac St-Francois, Québec.
Photos by Michel Poirier, © Michel Poirier, 2002.

Mario Foucault's Tanzer 26 ("Coup de griffe", #788) in lac St-Jean, Québec in 1998. Note that this Tanzer 26 has been done up in the style of the newer Tanzer 25 (it has the new colour scheme and the new style windows). Photo by Mario Foucault. © Mario Foucault, 1998.

John MacDonald's Tanzer 26 ("Windshift", #312) sailing under the Confederation Bridge. This recently constructed bridge is 15 km (9 miles) long, and runs between the provinces of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.
© John MacDonald, 1997.    [ John's Sailing Web Page ]

John MacDonald's "Windshift" at dock in Point du Cheene, New Brunswick, Canada. © John MacDonald, 1997.     [ John's Sailing Web Page ]

Bill Grant's Tanzer 26 ("Pleasures Hours", #346), at the Windward Point Yacht Club on Lake Murray in Columbia, South Carolina. Photo by Bill Grant. © Bill Grant, 1999.

Dale Gass' Tanzer 26 ("Beta", #13, formerly "Misty Blue"), sailing on Bedford Basin, Nova Scotia. 1997 Bedford Basin Yacht Club Champion. Photo by Bruce MacCulloch. © Bruce MacCulloch., 1998.

Jim and Chris Bubar's Tanzer 26 ("Family Affair", #209) under sail on St. John river near Mactaquac marina, New Brunswick, Canada.
© Clara Allen, 1999.

Le Tanzer 26 de Martial Harvey ("Le Fou du Large", #318) sur le lac St-Jean, Québec.
© Martial Harvey, 1998.

Derek E. Sadko's Tanzer 26 ("L'IMPETUEUX", #556), formerly of Aylmer, Québec, currently in Kirkland, Québec (Montréal area).
© Derek E. Sadko, 1998.

Joe & Terry Pitoniak's Tanzer 26 ("Rogue", #623) sailing the annual long distance race on Great Sacandaga Lake, Mayfield, New York, USA.
© Joe & Terry Pitoniak, 1997.

Joe & Terry Pitoniak's Tanzer 26 ("Rogue", #623). Saturday morning on Beacon Island, Great Sacandaga Lake, NY, waiting for the wind to come up.
© Joe & Terry Pitoniak, 1999.

Bob Fraser's Tanzer 26 (New Brunswick, Canada). This is one of the early models, sail #07, and appropriately named "007". This T26 was sailed by Johann Tanzer a number of years ago.
                              Photo by John MacDonald. © John MacDonald, 1997.

Nick Athens' Tanzer 26 ("Aeolos", #465) sails out of Point-Du-Chene New Brunswick. © John MacDonald, 1997.

Tom Richards' Tanzer 26 ("Windigo") sailing on Mactaquac Headpond
(Saint John River) Nackawic, New Brunswick, Canada. Photo by Rev. Bob Barry. © Bob Barry & Tom Richards, 1997.

Tom Richards' Tanzer 26 ("Windigo") sailing on Washademoak Lake
(Lower Saint John River) in New Brunswick, Canada. Photo by Peter Richards. © Tom & Peter Richards, 1997.

Jocelyn Gagnon and Guy Hébert's Tanzer 26 ("Peace of Mind") sailing on the Mactaquac Headpond on the Saint John River in New Brunswick, Canada. Photo by Mark Thompson. 
© Jocelyn Gagnon, 1999.

Le Tonnerre de Brest dans la baie de Gaspé à l'été 2000 ( Gaspé Bay
summer 2000) Photo: Jean-Pierre Wilsey
© Jean-Pierre Wilsey, 2000

"Le bergamote" Photo: André Verville
© André Verville,  2000

"Le bourlingueur" relax au quai du yacht club de senneville au lac des deux montagnes.  Tanzer 26 1976 #122
© Eric Dumouchel,  2000

Francis & Carol Fafrak's Tanzer 26 ("Soul Mates")  anchored on the Mystic River Connecticut, USA. 
© Francis Fafrak,  2001


Dick & Glenda Huynink's Tanzer 26 "Adagio" docked at Lake Diefenbaker in Saskatchewan.  Photo taken in 2001 by Dick Huynink
© Dick Huynink,  2001

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